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add touch-dimming components

Our proprietary system adds beauty and the simplicity of touch-diming to your lighting system. We have replaced standard light switch mounts with our plate-less 20 mm-diameter sensor mounts. This mount is installed in a drill hole and our touchplates click onto this circular mount. They can be easily swapped for a different look. When you install the sensor mounts, make sure you position them correctly to form the gang design you want. We have created sample gangs for each touchplate style. These can be downloaded from the collection pages (see range link above).


- you will receive one free mounting jig per order, which will aid in installation

- you will need a 20mm drill bit for installation

- cable runs must be cat 5e or better, we reccomend insulated cable

- you can use also use 23 or 24 AWG or 4-pin ribbon cable

- our contact details are below if you need any further information


  touch to turn on and off
  indicator light illuminates when switch is off
  touch and hold to dim up or down
  memory function remembers last dimmer position


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